Get the quiz sheet for this module from the general Assessments page. Fill it in, then submit to the online grading system before the deadline.


We definitely need to practice some of the topics we covered in this (and previous modules). But since at the end of the week there is another project deadline, I want you to focus on that. Thus no exercise this week, we’ll practice the topics we covered in upcoming exercises.


Finish (and make sure to push) part 3 of the project. There is no need to submit a link. Unless you renamed your repository, I, and your classmates, know where to find it based on your previous submissions. Do make sure the link you posted previously tn the project_related Slack channel is accurate.


Write a post in this week’s discussion channel that answers this question:

Which of the concept(s) we covered in this module is/are the most interesting/surprising to you, and why? And which concept(s) or topic(s) from this module’s materials do you find the most confusing, and why/how so?

Post by Wednesday, then reply to each other by Friday. See if you can help each other reduce any existing confusion. I’ll be participating too of course.