This is the current course schedule for the class. Things might change, so check regularly for updates.

The Assessments column lists items that need to be submitted and that will be graded. Those are described in more detail in an Assessments page and in the assessment document for each module.

Unless otherwise specified, the first posting of the discussion is due by end of Wednesday, the discussion replies, the quizzes and exercises are due by end of Friday.

Module Topic Start and end dates Assessments
Module 1 – Course and tools introduction 1/9 – 1/13 quiz, exercise (due Wed), discussion
Module 2 – Data analysis introduction 1/16 – 1/20 quiz, exercise (staggered completion dates), discussion
Module 3 – R coding basics 1/23 – 1/27 quiz, exercise (first part due Wed), discussion
Module 4 – Contemplating, finding and wrangling data 1/30 – 2/3 quiz, exercise (first part due Wed), project part 1
Module 5 – Visualizing data 2/6 – 2/10 quiz, exercise (first part due Wed), discussion
Module 6 – Exploring data 2/13 – 2/17 quiz, exercise, discussion
Module 7 – Statistical analysis overview 2/20 – 2/24 quiz, project part 2, discussion
Module 8 – Fitting basic statistical models 2/27 – 3/3 quiz, exercise, discussion
Spring Break 3/6 - 3/10
Module 9 – Evaluating your model fits 3/13 – 3/17 quiz, project part 3, discussion
Module 10 – Improving your model fits 3/20 – 3/24 quiz, exercise (first part due Wed), project part 3 review
Module 11 – Machine learning models I 3/27 – 3/31 quiz, exercise, discussion
Module 12 – Machine learning models II 4/3 – 4/7 quiz, exercise, project part 4
Module 13 – The complete analysis workflow 4/10 – 4/14 quiz, exercise, discussion
Finishing Project 4/17 – 4/21 project part 5 due Monday 4/24, 8am
Project Reviews 4/24 – 4/28 project reviews due Friday 4/28, 5pm
Final project revision 5/1 - 5/5 project part 6 due Monday 5/8, 8am
Module 14 – AI & deep learning introduction none none - this module is optional material

Note: Withdrawal deadline is Thursday 3/23.

Synchronous Zoom meetings

I will offer a weekly, completely optional Zoom meeting (aka office hour). See the Communication section for some more details. You can find the Zoom link on Slack. The plan is to have weekly alternating times for those zoom meetings such that everyone is able to make the meeting at least every 2 weeks.

The current plan is to have Zoom meetings for odd module numbers on Tuesdays at 8am, and for even module numbers on Wednesdays at 8am.

Hopefully, at least one of those two times works for everyone, allowing people to join at least every other time if they want. If you already know that neither times work for you, and you are keen on joining the Zoom meetings, let me know and we can adjust.

The first Zoom session will be on Tuesday, 1/10 at 8am ET.