1 Documentation for Supplementary Files

Code and data files required to reproduce this analysis are available on GitHub

2 Reproducing results

Reproducing this project requires R, RStudio, and Microsoft Word. Files should be run in the following order.

In the code > processing_code folder:

  1. processing_code.Rmd

In the code > analysis_code folder:

  1. analysis.Rmd
  2. modeling.Rmd
  3. land_model.Rmd

In the code > processing_code folder:

  1. map_images.Rmd

In the products folder

  1. Manuscript.Rmd
  2. Supplement.Rmd

3 Supplementary results

3.0.1 Distribution of Microplastic Concentration

Figure 3.1 shows a histogram of microplastic concentration observations. The minimum concentration is 16.67 particles/L and the maximum is 1193.33 particles/L. The mean concentration is 104.39 particles/L, and the median is 66.67 particles/L.

Distribution of Microplastic Concentration

Figure 3.1: Distribution of Microplastic Concentration

Microplastic concentrations remained in similar ranges throughout the study period. Figure 3.2 shows a boxplot of concentrations by sample date.

Particles/L by Sample Date

Figure 3.2: Particles/L by Sample Date

There is some seasonal variation in concentration at each individual site. Figure 3.3 shows a plot of concentrations at each site.