This package is still under active development. If you see this message, assume that several parts of the package don’t quite work yet.


flowdiagramr allows automated creation of flow diagrams for compartmental simulation models using ggplot. Other types of flow charts are also supported.

Quick example

These few lines of code create a simple diagram of and SIR model using flowdiagramr

#install if needed - package is not yet on CRAN
# remotes::install_github('andreashandel/flowdiagramr')
#specify model
mymodel = list( varlabels = c("S","I","R"),
                flows = list(S_flows = c("-b*S*I"), 
                             I_flows = c("b*S*I","-g*I"), 
                             R_flows = c("g*I"))
#prepare diagram
diagram_list <- prepare_diagram(mymodel)
#make diagram
my_diagram <- make_diagram(diagram_list)
#plot diagram

Getting Started

If you think something like this is of interest to you, hop on over to the Quick Start tutorial (vignette).

Further information

flowdiagramr gives you many options to easily customize diagrams. You can also make diagrams that are not based on compartmental models. To explain (most) everything flowdiagramr can do, we wrote several tutorials/vignettes. Here they are listed for convenience.

Main tutorials/vignettes

You should go through them in this order

  1. Quick start guide
  2. Modifying diagrams I
  3. Modifying diagrams II
  4. Modifying the ggplot2 object or code

Additional tutorials/vignettes

Read them based on interest, in any order

The package website (if you are not already on it) is here. You can access all the tutorials from there, as well as some additional information.

Citation and Contributors

This R package was developed by Andrew Tredennick and Andreas Handel. A full list of contributors and a Bibtex entry for the citation can be found here.

This project was/is partially supported by NIH grants R01 GM124280 and GM 12480-03S1.