Note: I have recently added more new links to the resources page of my Modern Applied Data Analysis online course. You might want to check there (under Resources) for additional links to R and Data Analysis related links.

Other lists

Data Analysis books

Specific Topics

Data cleaning and checking


  • R Graph Gallery: Has lots of examples of graphs and plots in R, including the underlying code that produced the graph. Great place to find a graph similar to one you’d like to make, take the code and adjust it.

Missing Data/Imputation

  • Check out R packages mi, mice, Amelia, missforest, imputation

  • Little & Rubin “Statistical Analysis with Missing Data, 2nd Edition”

Epidemiology specific topics

  • tableone - A package that allows for convenient creation of a descriptive table based on a data frame.

  • compareGroups - A package that allows for convenient creation of result tables from linear and logistic (and related) models.

  • The R survival package - Lots of functionality for survival analysis.

Time-series analysis