This small website contains a collection of lists with links to various resources that are related to my (Andreas Handel) research and teaching, as well as some general (academic) career content.

This mainly a collection of links to other sources. Some pages contain a few of my own thoughts on specific topics. The content is heavily biased toward my work. For research topics, the focus is in statistics/data analysis, infectious disease modeling and the R programming language. The other lists focus on research/academic careers and topics related to it.

Some lists contain a decent amount of information, others are fairly short/empty. All of the lists are subject to (infrequent) change/updates - whenever I get to it or come across sources I find interesting enough to ‘bookmark’ by adding them to one of the lists.

The main reason for these lists is so I can find stuff again. If others benefit from some of the listed links, even better.

If you have suggestions for updates/improvements or something doesn’t work, let me know (using github issues or pull requests).


General Lists

The following lists contain mostly links and some of my own thoughts on specific topics.

Cheat Sheets

The following documents contain collections of R code snippets and pointers for things I need to do fairly often, but not often enough that I can remember.

  • Data Cleaning: A list of commands for doing data cleaning/wrangling tasks.

  • Plotting: A list of commands for plotting in R (both base plot and ggplot).

  • Text Manipulation: A list of commands for working with text.


This site is maintained by Andreas Handel.

The following individuals have contributed to improving the course: McKay Brian (@bmckay)

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