For the exercise portion of this module, you can explore and play around with the models in the What influences model results section of DSAIRM.


We recommend that no matter what your level is, you should at least briefly explore the models, read the documentation and attempt the suggested tasks by using the graphical interface of DSAIRM.


Once you explored the models, you can go in several directions, similar to the approaches suggested previously.

If you want to further explore structural differences and how they impact model results, you could build several new alternative models (or a single one where you turn on/off parameters), either by editing some of the DSAIRM simulation functions (Level 3 approach) or by using the modelbuilder package.

If you want to explore stochastic models further, there is another app in DSAIRM, called Influenza Antivirals and Drug Resistance which explores the use of stochastic models further. The modelbuilder package also lets you build and analyze stochastic models, as well as export stochastic model code for further exploration.

If you want to explore the uncertainty and sensitivity analysis topic further, you will need to get the code for that DSAIRM and modify the code. You can modify the code to call different underlying model functions, including new ones you might have built with modelbuilder, but you will need to modify the code that does the U/S analysis to match any new underlying model.

Getting Help

If at any point you are stuck, something is unclear, you want to discuss, etc. use our Slack Workspace.