This page lists resources that are used or mentioned in this course. For a more extensive list of resources, see the General Resources page.

All materials described below are (should be) freely available online. If you can’t get to them, let me know. Note that a lot of the listed resources are dynamic and ever changing. That means occasionally links might not work, sites go offline, chapters in online books get re-arranged, etc. If you notice anything that’s not quite right, please let me know.

General help

  • The main place to get any course specific help are the various Slack channels in our class workspace. Use them widely to ask questions, to answer others’ questions, to post links to interesting resources, etc.
  • There will very likely be times when some material in the course doesn’t quite make sense and you need to do some auxiliary reading. Google will be your best friend. Wikipedia is often a very good starting point for many topics.


Hands-on/interactive resources

Quiz sheets

For each module, you are asked to fill out one or more than one sheets with questions related to the course material. Usually, there is one quiz covering the DSAIDE tasks and one quiz covering the other materials (reading, videos) for a given module (the latter I call Theory Quiz below.)

Each quiz sheet is an Excel file. Download them from the links below, fill in the “Answer” column, and submit to the online grading website.

Please do not make any other changes to the sheets apart from filling the “Answer” column. If you do make changes, submission might fail. If that happens and you get an error message, simply come back here, download a fresh sheet and copy and paste your answers into it, making sure to not change any other part of the sheet.

Module 1 - Course and Topic Introduction

Module 2 - Characterizing infection states

Module 3 - Patterns of ID

Module 4 - Reproductive Number 1

Module 5 - Reproductive Number 2

Module 7 - Direct Transmission

Module 8 - Environmental Transmission

Module 9 - Vectorborne Transmission

Module 10 - Host Heterogeneity

Module 13 - Evolutionary Dynamics

Further quizzes will show up here as the course progresses.

Exercise solutions

After the due date for each quiz, I will place solution files to the DSAIDE exercises in a Dropbox folder. They are fairly detailed and also show you how you can use R commands (instead of the graphical interface) to do all the Tasks. I highly recommend looking at them (even if you get all answers correct). The link to the dropbox folder is pinned in the Announcement channel on Slack.