Hands-on computer exercise

For this module, work through the Vector-borne Transmission app. Fill and submit the corresponding quiz sheet.

Topic discussion

Read the paper “What is a vector?” by Wilson et al. (2017), which you can get here. In this paper, the authors suggest that for a population dynamics perspective - which we take in this course - the sequential vector definition is best. Find a paper in the literature (other than any cited by the authors) that talks about a vector-borne disease to which the sequential rule applies. Describe why/how. Also find a paper in the literature that discusses a vector-borne disease which does not follow the sequential rule and explain why/how. If either paper you choose talks about the reproductive number, discuss how it relates to the reproductive number discussion in the paper by Wilson et al.

Post your thoughts to the discussion channel, then respond to posts by others. The general rules for discussion and assessment apply.