In this module, we will discuss environmental transmission and how it affects ID dynamics.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the hallmarks of indirect, environmental transmission.
  • Contrast the difference between direct and environmental transmission.
  • Assess how indirect transmission processes affect ID dynamics.
  • Understand what environmental transmission implies for control strategies.
  • Identify diseases for which the environmental transmission pathway is important.


Read the Environmental Transmission chapter in IDEMAB.


Different ID with environmental transmission

In this video from the “Epidemics MOOC from the University of Hong Kong”, Marc Lipsitch discusses several examples of IDs that have (at least partially) environmental transmission modes and what that means for ID dynamics and control.

Cholera - an important example of indirect transmission

This video from the “TED Education Initiative”, shows a nice example of an educational/outreach video to illustrate the different ways one can transmit Cholera.