In this module, we revisit infectious disease control and apply it to some more complex scenarios/models, as well as revisit the topic in general.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of interventions applied to specific population groups.
  • Explore how optimal control measures depend on characteristics and composition of a population.
  • Assess how control applied to different modes of transmission impacts outcomes.


You might still remember most of what you read, but it wonโ€™t hurt to do another skim-through of the Infectious Disease Control chapter of IDEMAB.


Here are a few more videos that cover various aspects of ID control.

Non-pharmaceutical ID control

In the following video from the Epidemics MOOC, Marcel Salathe describes non-pharmaceutical ID control interventions applied to prevent healthy individuals from becoming infected.

Rachel Smith discusses what one needs to consider to implement good (non-pharmaceutical) intervention campaigns.

Eradication of ID

A short TED video talking about the eradication of smallpox

This is part of a full TEDEd lesson.