Hands-on computer exercise

For this module, work through two DSAIDE apps, namely Basics of ID Control and ID control for multiple outbreaks. Fill and submit the corresponding quiz sheets.

Topic discussion

We are currently in a world where infectious disease (COVID-19) interventions impact all of us. We are frantically trying to develop or discover pharmaceutical interventions (drugs, vaccines) while relying on non-pharmaceutical interventions in the meantime. Find a paper that discusses ID control related to COVID-19 (pre-prints are ok too). This could but does not have to be a paper that uses a model. Read the paper, summarize/discuss/critique it and post your findings to the Slack discussion channel (including a link to the paper).

Fun activity

Well, I hope the other exercise activities are somewhat fun, too 😁. But this one is really fun (at least I think so).

Play the game VAX. In this game, you get to vaccinate individuals to try and minimize outbreaks. Individuals are connected on a network, which is a different from the models we are using in class, but the general ideas on spread and control apply to either type of setting. Post a screenshot of your score for all 3 levels of difficulty to the Games and Fun Slack channel for bragging rights.

If you want to play some more, you can try Vaxpackhero. In this game, you are fighting germs inside an infected person. For more bragging rights, take a screenshot of your score or highest achievement and post it to Slack.

No deadline for this, you can try to top each others scores until the end of the semester.