Hands-on computer exercise

For this module, work through the Reproductive Number 1 app. Fill and submit the corresponding quiz sheet.

Topic discussion

Read this paper by Sarah Cobey in which she provides a brief discussion of infectious disease modeling and the role the reproductive number plays related to COVID-19. She also touches on topics we covered in previous modules (e.g. seasonality). In the paper, she states “It is most accurate to describe \(R_0\) in reference to a pathogen and host population, because the number is partially under host control.”

Find examples of this statement by looking through the literature to find - for some pathogen of your choice - at least 2 different estimates for \(R_0\). Discuss what factors might affect the differences in reported values. Note that both methodological and biological components can affect \(R_0\) estimates.

Report your findings in the Slack discussion channel.